Our sustainability promises

At Little Cirkus we know you care deeply about the earth that our children will inherit. That’s why we only use materials that are manufactured with sustainability in mind.

Our skin and hair care serie

Durable at all levels. Every skin care product we manufacture is developed from the basic ground. The entire series is produced by hand in Sweden to be able to ensure the highest quality while we can have good control over the entire production, and minimize transport distances. We use only natural and organic ingredients and have completely opted out of all types of synthetic substances, and also palm oil. Therefore, our products do not contain any chemical preservatives or plasticizers. Also, we don’t use dyes, our products get their color from the ingredients. Everything is organic and 100% vegan. To further reduce the environmental impact, we have made a conscious choice and developed bottles that are made from recycled PET bottles. In this way, we make less damage to the environment and we as a producer take our responsibility. All our packaging can and should be recycled.

Pacifier and pacifier clip

Conscious production is an important issue for us at Little Cirkus. We have chosen to locate all our production in Sweden in order to have a good insight into the production. Our goal is to always be at the forefront when it comes to sustainability, and we are commotted to making that decision easier for our customers.


Our pacifiers are both BPA free and meet the EU safety standard EN-1400.

  • Made in Sweden.
  • Approved and compliant with EU safety standard EN-1400.
  • Made from BPA free materials.
  • Suitable for babies from 4 months old.
  • Materials: Teat: Silicon Shield: Tritan plastic, BPA free

Pacifier clip

  • Made in Sweden.
  • Materials: Brooch and clip made from ABS. Chain: PA6-GF30. Ring: Silicon
  • Approved according to EU standard SS-EN 12586: 2007 + A1: 2011


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