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Keep the skin soft and moisturized. This is achieved by lubricating the face and body at least twice a day. Little Cirkus baby lotion is an emollient cream that provides natural nourishment to the skin. The genuine content soothes the skin, and treats various skin conditions. A perfect cream for the whole family and all skin conditions.

Do you feel that your child has extra dry skin? First clean with Little Cirkus baby soap, which acts as a washing oil and leaves a velvety feeling. Finish by lubricating with the baby lotion. This is done with advantage before going to bed. Bath is gentler than shower. The skin is softened and dead skin cells are removed so that moisture can penetrate deeper into the skin. Wash the baby clean with shower cream that increases the skin's protective barrier and leaves it smooth and soft. Finish your bath ritual by lubricating the whole body with the baby lotion.

Wash the baby's hair twice. The first time you get rid of all the dirt and the second time the hair becomes deeply clean.





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