About us


Little Cirkus is a natural children’s skin care brand, launched in Sweden by Anna Aro Ring. Our philosophy is to create the very best skin care products for our children, and presenting them in a stylish and personal way.

Imagine a range of skin care products specially created for children, containing only natural ingredients, the best oils and fats – exactly what our children’s skin needs. Nothing strange, no additives and above all completely unique! As a parent, with Little Cirkus you can be 100% sure that you’re giving your child the very best. Our range of products nourish and soften delicate skin, and are kind to the environment.

Discover the world of Little Cirkus where products are developed to create both a better and more beautiful world. Match our children’s products to suit your style and tastes and let bath time become a special ritual where, together with Little Cirkus’ range of products, you can be sure you’re giving your child the very best of the best.




After becoming a mother, Anna realised that the majority of products on the market that are marketed for children contain many chemicals and synthetic additives. Substances that nobody wants their child to come into contact with. It was here that the idea was born to create a range of skin and hair care products completely free from toxins, and entirely based on vegan and organic ingredients produced and handmade in Sweden.

- To turn this idea into something concrete was of considerable importance to me. I’ve personally never found a completely vegan and organic range of skin care products, let alone a vegan and organic range of products for children, that can be in the bathroom without feeling they’re misplaced. Our children are such a significant part of our everyday lives. So why not make it beautiful, creating things that actually suit our style and tastes. 

When design and purpose go hand in hand, magic happens. Creating products that are relevant but which also become part of everyday life has been a great challenge for me, but also my vision. Stylish silhouettes with an edge or childishly stylish details have been at the centre of creating Little Cirkus’ universe.